Not All Divorces Are The Same

Every divorce is unique with each married couple and their living situations. Some divorces proceed smoothly and quickly, while other divorces are more complicated. In whatever situation you may find yourself, you deserve real answers and strong support.

Uncontested vs. Contested

A divorce attorney may be able to assist you with an uncontested divorce in as little as 60 days. If you and your spouse have unresolved issues, a contested divorce can take significantly longer, and may require additional kinds of divorce or family law solutions.

Criminal Action

In certain cases, contentious divorces may bring up past occurrences or give rise to current criminal action. If this type of situation is affecting you, rest assured that there are expert lawyers who can assist in your particular case, regardless of the complexities involved.

Estate Planning

A legal separation can cause significant long-term consequences. Ask your divorce attorney in Fort Worth about how you can plan for and protect your future. This may include revising your will, updating a living will, or reassigning beneficiaries and power of attorney.

Legal Support is Important

Regardless of your personal situation, there is comprehensive legal support available from a divorce attorney Fort Worth couples have used with great success. Whether you have questions about your divorce or want to protect yourself in case of a possible future divorce, you can get the answers you need from experts you can trust.